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by okpgxcbd , May 30th
Jozé le BG d'la street zer
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by Andre Platteel , April 13th
On the 1st of October 2016 my new novel will be published: Net Veertien. If you want to read the first two chapter as a preview, send an email to:, with subject: Net Veertien, two chapters.

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Art work cover: Irma Boom

by Andre Platteel , April 13th
On the 20th of April 2016, I gave a Ted Talk at TedEx AmsterdamEd, about educare:
to draw knowledge from within, from what is already there.

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lotte, May 15th • thank you for this amazing talk, it synchronizes beautifully with my vision, which i am right now trying to put into words, for my final examination o... + more

by Andre Platteel , June 24th

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